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Bearings' Guide

Bones Bearings are unquestionably one of the best skate bearings on the last decades’ market.

Most brands use the system ABEC to classify the quality of the different bearings. Higher ABEC means more precision.

But Bones brand believes that this classification system is not appropriate in some cases, so they do not use it when it comes to naming their bearings. They base their specifications in what they call "Bones Skate Rated".

Therefore, in this guide we are going to talk about the different models of bones bearings and their properties.

Bones Reds

They are made in China, in one of the factories with the highest quality of the country in manufacturing bearings, always under ‘Bones Skate Red’ brand’s instructions.

The bearings undergo a double technical verification process before being offered for sale and they have certainly one of the greatest performances for its price.

According to the brand, the Red Bones provide a very near to the Bones Swiss’ quality for its price.

We totally agree with that, because it is the best-seller bearing in our store every season.


To see the bearings in our store, you can follow the link below:Bones Reds

Bones Super Reds

The Super Reds are designated by the brand as the best bearing Bones "first price" of the market.

It has the same characteristics as Bones Reds, but for its manufacturing a steel with higher quality is used, premium balls with fewer imperfections and a contact surface improved and polished.

That is how they get a bearing as fast as Bones Reds but softer and with superior service life.

To differentiate itself from the Reds, the Super Reds use a black shield with laser-engraved name.

If you want to see the bearing in our store, here is the link: Super Reds

Ceramic Bones Super Reds

The story of Ceramic Super Reds is very simple. They have repeated the structure and materials of the Super Reds and have simply replaced the steel balls by ceramic balls of the highest quality.

This bearing is lighter because the balls’ weight is less, and they also have better acceleration.

The ceramic balls create less friction, that is why the Super Reds Ceramic bearings are faster than Super Reds, even without using lubricant.

Furthermore, the ceramic balls have the effect of "auto maintenance" and when dirt gets into the bearing, the hardness of the balls helps to re-polish the running surface.

Also because of the hardness of the ceramic material, the balls suffer less damage, don’t get rust, further lengthening their life, and requiring less maintenance.

The shield of this bearing is white and has its name laser-engraved.

You can see the bearing in our store following the link: Ceramic Super Reds

Bones Swiss

Bones Swiss Bearings are the perfect combination of design specifications Bones Skate Rated with the precision of Swiss manufacture.

With this bearings Bones have created many decades ago the standard by which performance is measured.

Bones Swiss has been the favorite model of many professional skaters for 33 years.

They are intended for competition or for the most demanding skaters, and offer one of the fastest turns with easy and durable maintenance of the market.

Bones Swiss normally last several times more than any bearings with ABEC rating.

If you want to see the bearings on our website, click on the following link: Bones Swiss

Bones Super Swiss 6

Bones Bearings Super Swiss 6 have the same quality of materials and the same manufacturing than Bones Swiss, but have the distinction of employing only 6 balls instead of the 7 the rest of bearings use.

Having just six balls makes the bearings have a greater acceleration and greater speed while gaining in strength. They are the choice for many ramp skaters.

To view these bearings in our shop follow this link: Bones Super Swiss 6

Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2


The new Swiss L2 are an update of the previous Swiss Labyrinth

A new shield has been added to this bearings. It reduces friction and increases the overall speed of the bearing. They have a new redesigned inner race and two new labyrinth shields to keep the dirt out longer, but still allow easy maintenance when necessary, resulting in maintenance processes more durable and further lengthening their life.

The only noticeable difference between the Swiss and the Swiss L2 is that they need less maintenance without increasing much the price.

If you want to see our bearings, here is the link: Swiss Labyrinth 2

Bones Swiss Ceramics

The Bones Swiss Ceramic belong to another category of bearings. We are talking about the highest quality applied to a skate bearing.

Ceramic balls Cerbec brand, considered the highest quality in the world, are joined with the Bones Swiss’ structure, and adds lubrication with Bones Speed Cream.

From this union comes the fastest bearing, with greater acceleration and longer life on the market.

The ceramic balls create much less friction when rolling, so roll faster and for longer even without lubricant. And they also have the "auto maintenance" effect of which we spoke in Ceramic Super Reds.

To view these bearings in our shop, follow this link: Bones Swiss Ceramics

Bones Reds Big Balls

These are the latest bearings featured in the Bones Reds team. They have been made to be faster and last longer. As the legendary Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings, they have balls a 17% bigger that increase the speed of the bearing.


That is why these are the perfect bearings for those who look for the highest speed and also want a durable product.

Content: includes 8 bearings, instructions and a sticker.

Here you can buy Bones Reds Big Balls bearings.